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Firefox extensions disabled due to expired intermediate CA certificate

As most people probably know by now Mozilla fucked up the certificate chain for Firefox extensions. Great. And their proposed (temporary) fix is "just enable telemetry for us, and you'll probably get the fix in the next couple hours". Let me think about that for a moment ...

Oh, wait, no thinking required at all: SCREW YOU, MOZILLA! Why don't you go fuck off and die in a fire with your telemetry crap?! There's already enough intrusion into my privacy as it is. I most certainly don't need you people to add to that.

Anyway, now that I got that off my chest, using studies fortunately isn't actually required for mitigating the issue. For Firefox 66 you can simply download the xpi with the fix (right-click → Save Link As...) and install it manually.

Installing the xpi doesn't work for Firefox 60 ESR in Debian, though. According to this discussion on Hacker News the fix is trying to use a feature that is not available in Firefox 60. To mitigate the issue on Debian go to about:config and set


Restart Firefox, and extensions should be working again.

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