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Now With a Tag Cloud

As you can see my blog now has a fancy tag cloud. This is my first attempt at a Blosxom plugin, and I'm quite proud of it. *^_^*

I've already been using Gregor Rayman's keywords plugin for auto-generating the keywords meta tag, so I wanted something based on that rather than having to use an additional tag line as required for the tagcloud plugin. The tag cloud is generated from the keywords with the HTML::TagCloud Perl module, and I'm using Fletcher Penney's find plugin for linking to blog posts that match the respective keyword. The find plugin also gives me a nice search box (another thing I've been wanting to add for a while). Sweet.

Download: wordcloud-0.1

The keywords and find plugins are included, since their homepages don't seem to be online anymore. Also included is a patch for HTML::TagCloud that allows for case-insensitive sorting.

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Repairing a Suspect msdb Database

Sometimes a situation arises where an SQL Server instance comes back up with a database tagged as "suspect". Apparently there is a number of possible causes for this, like transaction log corruption, insufficient memory or disk space, or unexpected shutdowns due to hardware or power failure. In our case the reason was probably a hardware failure, since the database resides on an iSCSI volume, and we were making changes to our iSCSI network. And to make things a little bit more interesting, our msdb database just had to be among the affected databases.

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Transfer Active Directory Site Subnets

A while ago I had to take a couple hundred subnets (don't ask) of an Active Directory site in one domain and re-create them in another domain. Doing that manually would've been a real pain. But if you export the subnets to a file the list can easily be transferred to the other domain and imported there.

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Drag & Drop in a PowerShell GUI

For a little PowerShell GUI (using Windows Forms) the requirement to drag & drop files into a listbox came up. Some quick googling showed several articles (like this one) suggesting to set AllowDrop = $true and add a handler for the DragEnter event.

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