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Shell Patterns (5) - Locking

This is a short series describing some Bash constructs that I frequently use in my scripts.

Sometimes you need to ensure that a script is doing an operation exclusively, to avoid race conditions in case it had been launched several times in parallel. This kind of concurrency control is called mutual exclusion, or mutex for short. In Bash a mutex can be implemented by terminating or suspending execution unless the script is able to create a lock file.

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Barracuda Backup Reports Missing Drive

Barracuda Backup reports show a warning when the Windows agent cannot find a drive that is supposed to be backed up:

A Volume (drive) that was previously backed up is no longer there and being backed up.: Removing volume X: because it no longer exists.

The vendor documentation has an article that describes how to bring the missing drive back online. But what if the drive was removed on purpose and people just forgot to adjust the backup configuration first? You can't simply change the backup configuration to ignore the drive after the fact, since the drive is already absent and thus cannot be de-selected.

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