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Registration Blocker 1.6.0 released

There are some recurring patterns spammers use for their e-mail addresses, so I added a regular expression filter to the Registration Blocker plugin for Question2Answer.

Download: Version 1.6.0

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Registration Blocker 1.5.0 released

Due to popular demand I added an option to whitelist domains instead of the default blacklist mode to the Registration Blocker plugin for Question2Answer. Enjoy.

Download: Version 1.5.0

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Registration Blocker 1.4.0 released

A short while ago I forked the Registration Blocker plugin for Question2Answer, since it apparently has been abandoned by the original developer, and I needed some additional features.

Today I'm releasing my updated version of the plugin, which adds the following features:

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Installing Discourse on Devuan

Before deciding on setting up my Q&A site with Question2Answer I evaluated several programs, one of them being Discourse. And even though I ultimately decided against Discourse (because the setup was too complex and it doesn't have all the features I wanted) I don't want my experiences go to waste, so I'll publish them here.

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Content Security Policy for Question2Answer

The trickiest part of setting up my Q&A site (running on Question2Answer) was getting the content security policy right. I started with this basic policy:

default-src 'self';
script-src 'self';
style-src 'self';
img-src *;
object-src: 'none';
form-action: 'self';
frame-ancestors: 'self';

but quickly realized that it prevented some page elements from showing.

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My Own Q&A Site

At long last I've set up my own Q&A site. If you want to ask a scripting or system administration question, or need support for the stuff I cobbled together, feel free to ask there.

Since the available themes sort of looked like somebody threw random paintballs at them, I made my own. If you're interested you can download it from Github or here.

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