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Querying DB2 Backups in TSM Fails with Return Code 106

On one of my servers a query for DB2 backups in TSM (db2adutl query full db DBNAME) failed with the following error:

Error: Initialize environment failed with TSM return code 106

As per dsmrc.h return code 106 indicates a permission problem:

#define DSM_RC_ACCESS_DENIED       106 /* denied due to improper permission */

which was weird, since the user in question is a member of the DB2ADMNS group that is supposed to have all required permissions.

Further investigation revealed, however, that the issue was indeed caused by missing permissions, namely missing write access to the TSM log directory (%DSMI_LOG%). Access had been removed, because the inheritance settings of a group policy for setting permissions on a parent folder had been (mis-)configured to replace permissions on subfolders instead of just propagating the added permissions.

Changing the inheritance setting in the group policy and granting the DB2ADMNS group Modify permissions on the log directory again resolved the issue.

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